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Trill Saavo's debut single, Ice, beats the summer heat.

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Trill Saavo is an independent, LDT distributed and advised artist. Trill Saavo is self managed.

Trill Saavo of LDT dropped his debut single, Ice, on August 29th, 2020 and so far, the reviews are all great. With anticipation building for almost a year now, fans talked about a long awaited first release from the LDT artist. About 4 weeks ago Saav announced he was dropping his debut single on all major streaming platforms, with an accompanying video on his YouTube channel. The wait didn't disappoint day one supporters, it's clear in comments across social media platforms.

This genuine growth and support, over a short period of just two days, shows that a real fan base is growing. Anyone that has watched the music industry long enough knows, genuine cult-like fan bases begin with organic roots just like this. Genuine reactions and engagement from people in his circle. Even small things like seeing support and comments from the label and label mates, you see the undeniable backing this upcoming artist has all the way around.

Ice dropped on all major streaming platforms on August 29th, 2020; at 12am eastern.

The video premiered on Saav's YouTube channel and LDT's Facebook page at 11am central.

Listening to Ice, you get a glimpse at Trill Saavo's signature sound. Hard knocking 808's coupled with a calm tone of voice, a light baritone, catchy lyrics and cadences. From the start of the verse he's all in. "Send me the addy I'm shippin'. Hangin with the gang, you know that they crippin'." A nod to the hustle, and his circle. It's clear Saavo is no stranger to songwriting from the jump. Rhyme schemes, flow patterns, and multiple cadences peppering this track from beginning to end. You really get a sense of the swag or drip this artist has, it carries well through the speakers. Bars like; "Brand new Glock and it came with extensions. Look at the water and sauce that I'm drippin'." and "Walk in the club and I'm hitting the Woah. Walk in the mall, spend thousands on clothes.", show that Saav keeps his ear to industry trends, while still saying something different and catchy. In a way being a trendsetter hisself, lending his pen to the public to create catchy phrases.

Overall this track is a really good indicator of what to expect from this young artist. At the end of the track Trill Saavo reminds us he's been in the booth all 2020, this is all we get for now. But, it's clear he's not done, slowing down or stopping anytime soon.

Prod. Payday

Mix/Master: LDT Studios

Video shot by @Trill_Tonio

Video edited by: LDT Films

Photography: Maverick Briones

Shirt by @lighterthiefsa

Chain by

Shoes by @jumpman23 (Concord Bred)

Gun by @glockinc

You can contact Trill Saavo through his advisor,

©℗ 2020 Living Dreams Today Entertainment

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