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ASCAP Songwriter,
Owner, and Founder

Formerly known as “Wreckin Ralph”; Rafael "Wreckin" Torres is a Hip-Hop/Rap artist from Texas. Being San Antonio based holds dear to Wreckin as he has followed the "Everything's Bigger in Texas" mantra with the many hats he wears. An established poet with works spanning 3 years from 2006-2009, Rafael's interest in  writing and production brought him to a self-taught audio engineer field. As a result he is the owner and founder of the record label, Living Dreams Today Ent. Wreckin is not only in the process of pursuing his education in music production, but he has also received certifications in the business of being a Jeweler. With the resources he's secured, Wreckin can repair practically any piece of jewelry presented, and is learning the custom jewelry and grill making process from a master jeweler.


Although Rafael started his rapping career in 2009, it wasn't until the summer of 2014 when Wreckin released his first demo, titled "WR2K” under the name Wreckin Ralph. WR2K showcased his writing skills and ability to turn poetry and rap into a viable and concrete project. "WR2K" was widely accepted by family, fans and producers alike. This first demo helped to solidify Wreckin’s place among artists in Texas. From this project came two standout singles titled "Purp" & "Bars" that released across all major music platforms. This switch from poetry to rap came rather easy for Wreckin. His background in engineering and production elevated his ability to not only understand the recording and production process, but also to get the results he envisioned for all his projects to come.


To say that Wreckin's skills are bigger than they seem is an understatement. With the many shoes he has filled over the years; from poet, to writer, to engineer,  to producer and jeweler. Even now dabbling in animation and videography and video editing. When Rafael applies his larger-than-life skill set, it seems that there's nothing that he can't accomplish. Wreckin’s education in music production and status of owning a record label have become huge assets in being able to maneuver in this rather confusing business side of the music industry. All of Wreckin Ralphs' endeavors are ultimately steering him to leave a long-lasting impact on all the fans and artists who he has worked with in his career. Rafael looks forward to solidifying his place in the industry while leaving behind a discography of work that shows Rafael’s growth as a person to the transition as an artist know as Wreckin.


- Javoe Rôkour

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Wreckin: Artists


Formerly known as Wreckin Ralph; Wreckin has an extensive catalog for new fans to dive into.


WTH Album Art.jpg

January 13th, 2017
October 16th, 2016

Collaboration album 2 of 2 in Wreckin Ralph's extensive catalog. Arguably one of his best works next to "Wreckoning". This album is a collaborative effort with an old LDT Artist, whom used to go by the name Lodi Dodi Shodi. On this 8 track project, the two artists really compliment each other showing they really know each others market, niche and skillsets well. Wreckin Ralph writes nearly all of the raps on the album, lending his pen to his previous label mate. While Lodi Dodi Shodi laces his contemporary, auto-tune rich, vocals over hooks and verses. Ralph chiming in with his attempts at vocalizing a bit here and there. The album starts with a perfect intro for what listeners are to expect. Frozen, starts the album with a crisp snare, lo-fi sounds, Lodi Dodi Shodi wide ranged vocals, and some aggressive bars from Wreckin Ralph. Leading directly into Outtaspace, the very first record the two collaborated on. Wreckin lends his pen on this record, writing the entire verse up until the singing portion at the end of the first verse. This record really showcases how the two know their strengths and weaknesses, this theme follows the entire album.


Ditto 3000x3000 Wreckoning Album Art.jpg

December 29th, 2017
October 27th, 2017

Album 2 of 4 in Wreckin Ralph's 'Wreck" series. This is a statement album meant to show Wreckin Ralph is bringing upon the day of "Wreckoning" to San Antonio's Hip-Hop/Rap scene. Referred to as arguably Wreckin Ralph's best work, next to Welcome To Hell; this album is very much so, a statement album. A ton of work went into this album, even down to the album art, which was done by an artist who has done graphic work for Disney, HBO, SHOWTIME, Sony, Universal Studios and more. From the top, the album starts with the self titled track; and it doesn't disappoint day one fans. Wreckin showcases his signature sound over production from Serious Beats, a producer he's worked with since the very start of his career. Leading into Numbers, where Wreckin Ralph flexes his seniority and business savvy with samples of some of best received tracks mixed in the hook. All the way down to the very last song on the album, Strapped Ft. MarkMFIVE, an artist that has traveled the country working and networking with Artists like Project Pat, Juicy J, Crunchy Black, and Bun B; just to name a few. From top to bottom, this album makes a very bold statement.


Wreckoncile Album Art.jpg

May 4th, 2020
Standard Album:
December 27th, 2019

Album number 3 of 4 in the "Wreck" series. Wreckoncile is Wreckin Ralph's most honest and revealing album to date. You get a lot of insight to the thought process of Wreckin Ralph through various hard times. Wreckin Ralph's vulnerability shines through on songs like Write My Wrongs, No Love. and All I Know. Especially so on All I Know, where the entire track is written by Wreckin Ralph, while Jeremy Steven lends his vocal range to bring the record to life. Wreckin Ralph doesn't disappoint day one fans seeking aggressive rap, songs like Death Is Easy, Self Preservation, and Still Here show Wreckin has developed a signature sound and can showcase it at will. Never compromising his versatility.


Wreckollect Album Cover.jpg

June 23rd, 2023

This is album 4 of 4 in Wreckin Ralph's "Wreck" series. It is also Wreckin Ralph's FINAL album. Wreckin Ralph's music career was very San Antonio based and driven and it shows a lot in the music made over the last 6 years. This is Wreckin Ralph's ode to San Antonio. A way to show how much he loves the "Color" of "San Antone". His most anticipated album, and rightly so. With tracks featuring San Antonio heavy hitters Insane Loc and Omega Sin, whom have cult like followings. Houston Living Legends, Juan Gotti and Lucky Luciano. As well as San Antonio LEGENDS Mark Gaboda, Liveola, and King Kyle Lee of 3rd Degree Entertainment. It's clear to see why the fans are waiting on this album.

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